At Fortis, our unique distinction lies in our profound mastery of handcrafted creations, setting us apart in the world of UK waterproof manufacturing. Within our factory, we employ time-honored craftsmanship techniques to meticulously craft each garment, infusing them with the essence of waterproofing expertise.

Our collaborative approach thrives on partnerships with  designers who share in our commitment to excellence. Together, we seamlessly blend professional knowledge and skills, culminating in the creation of garments that are not only distinguished by their exceptional quality but also their sustainable production.

Our services

At Fortis, our expertise lies in the artistry of crafting waterproof articles by hand, and our team of skilled artisans employs a diverse array of techniques to craft garments of unparalleled quality.

For our valued clients, we offer the flexibility of two distinct manufacturing approaches, as well as a design package:

1. CMT Manufacturing (Cut, Make, Trim): This option empowers our clients to retain complete control over the production of their orders. You dictate the creative process while we bring your vision to life, ensuring meticulous attention to detail at every step.

2. Fully Factored Manufacturing: With this comprehensive solution, we assume full responsibility for the entire production cycle. From sourcing and procuring materials to the final assembly of the articles, we manage every aspect of the manufacturing process, allowing you to focus on your core business.

3. Design: Our design package is the perfect solution for those seeking professional design work for their new garment. With our expert team of designers, we’ll bring your vision to life, ensuring every detail of your new garment is meticulously crafted to your specifications.

Moreover, our in-house capabilities extend to pattern cutting and full grading services. This means we have the expertise and infrastructure to refine and perfect the patterns for your designs, ensuring the precise fit and style you envision for your waterproof articles.

At Fortis, we are committed to providing you with a tailored and collaborative approach to manufacturing, where handcrafted excellence meets your unique requirements.


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Please note

PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 10 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY on our made to order clothing.