As outdoor enthusiasts, here at Fortis®, we only use the most cutting edge and innovative technologies. Everything is designed with customer in mind and our garments are made to withstand whatever the elements may throw at you whilst out on your adventures.


Our ripstop material is used to provide an extra layer of protection and increase durability. It is light weight and breathable due to its cotton and polyester fibre content. It is woven with coarse, strong warp and filling yarns at intervals so that tears will not spread should they happen. It has been finished with a durable water repellent which will cause water to bead on the garment and stop it from getting saturated.


DWR, which is the durable water repellent finish on the ripstop, can wear off with time and constant washing. This is when a waterproofing spray should be used in order to reapply the beading technology to the outer layer of your garment.


Whilst our Ripstop is designed to withstand water in extreme conditions, where saturated, the water may get through. This is where our drop-liner comes in.

Drop-liner Laminate

The laminate finish on the Drop-liner makes this layer waterproof allowing water to run off whilst still being an extremely breathable material. Our lining has a 20,000mm hydrostatic head and 20,000mm breathability.

Hydrostatic head is the amount of water that can sit on top of the material before it begins to push through.


WE ALSO OFFER A REPAIRS SERVICE, where you can get your garment relined or repaired. in order to book a repair, click here, and select repair from the list.

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