Fortis Promise

Our Promise is to lead the way in top-quality durable outdoor clothing, by becoming a completely carbon neutral company, and championing slow-fashion.

In 20 years, what do we want the world to look like? At Fortis, we are passionate about Wildlife, its habitat and their positive population. We want to see the natural world increase for our future generations to enjoy.  We would like to use our influence to support positive transformation of the clothing industry by driving innovation, pushing for sustainable alternatives but still providing the best of British Clothing.

For us, actions speak louder than words!

As many of our customers who have been purchasing from us since 1997 will know,  we work in a different way to many other brands.

It is thought that Fast Fashion brands are burning approximately 12,000 tons of unsold garments every year and brands of all niches often make more clothing items than they are able to sell.

Since 2016 we have adopted a pioneering approach for making a better and more sustainable product, challenging innovating factors and seeking alternatives to what has gone before. We are committed to making informed decisions about our impact on the environment and are constantly pushing boundaries to make the best product we can.   

We aim to buy all our fabric within the UK ensuring we have a conscious mind of how it is made, if it is eco-friendly and does it have high-quality properties. An example of one of our highest sustainable fabrics is our Eco Vivo Insulation which is used in all our insulated garments. The insulation is made up of 90% recycled fibres and has excellent properties. Our Ripstop that is used throughout the company is also made from 50% Organic Cotton and 50% recycled polyester fibres.

Most of our customers know that when ordering with Fortis, there is often a few weeks wait until their products are delivered to them. The reason behind this is that Fortis makes everything to order! This stops unnecessary waste being produced and in turn makes us a more sustainable company. If we were to produce each item we offer, in every size and in every colour, it would turn into thousands of products and leave us with some styles that weren’t as popular with a backup of excessive stock and unwanted items. It is hard to predict exactly what will and won’t sell, even with the best experts! Therefore, making to order is the most sustainable way for us to manufacture and support our environment in the manufacturing an apparel industry.

When packing and posting an order we charge a small amount because we use a green delivering system. Our packaging is bio-degradable and recycled, we have a small paper trail reducing our carbon footprint and we aim to offset our emissions ensuring the greenhouse gases used to deliver your item is returned in supporting an environmental project.   

All our products are made with exceptional craftsmanship and great quality and care, ensuring that they last for years, but we did not want products to end at the primary sale and therefore offer a repairs service!

It is not uncommon for garments over 20 years old from all over the world to come back to our factory in Devon for reproofing and repairs. If our customers experience any problems with their clothing, from general wear and tear to waterproofing issues, we are fully committed to repair an item, or recommend an alternative in order to solve the problems raised. With this type of service in place, we ensure that garments last longer than most other brands of clothing.

We encourage all our customers to use the repair service. If the garment is within warranty, then we offer this service free of charge. If the garment is outside of warranty, we charge minimal costs (to cover our own costs) to repair the item.

We believe we can lead the way in sustainable British Manufacturing and this is the future of the clothing industry. With sustainability at the heart of our ethos we aim to be as sustainable as possible.

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Please note

PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 10 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY on our made to order clothing.