Product Care & Repairs

We recommend that you wash your Fortis® products using a non-bio detergent on a gentle 30°C cycle with a spin of no more than 600rpm. Washing your clothing on a high wash can result in colour fading and damage to the waterproof membrane in waterproof products. As for drying we recommend you leave your clothing to drip dry.

How often your Fortis® kit needs reproofing depends on the amount and type of usage it receives. To ensure long service it is essential that you check the garment regularly. If after wearing the kit in light and short showers you notice water is no longer beading off of the kit in certain areas you may want to use our Fortis® Water Repellent spray to reproof those areas. When inspecting your kit pay particular attention to critical places such as the shoulders, seams and areas most subjected to friction e.g. creases in sleeves, elbows and knees.  From time to time the whole garment will need reproofing. Use only our approved Water Repellent Spray as some other may be less effective or in fact harm the material. A small bottle of our spray would cover at least two garments.

To use our spray wash the garment and leave to dry, give it a good spray and leave to dry again, this will ensure the water is beading off of your jacket as if it were new! Fortis® Water Repellent works on most fabrics and materials including; nylon, wool, tweed, fleece, soft shells, Goretex®, and most other man-made and natural fibres.

If you look after your Fortis® Clothing, your Fortis® Clothing will look after you!

Warranty Terms and Conditions.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects. You must obtain proof of purchase / a warranty card and this must be provided if requested by Fortis® before any repairs are carried out. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and does not cover loss, damage, breakage, changes in appearance or gradual degradation of all or part of the goods due to normal wear, mishap, careless handling, improper use or washing outside of our care instructions. All of our items come with a 1 year warranty unless otherwise stated. Our 4 top of the range coats come with a 4 year warranty; The Falkland Coat, The Upland, The Highland Shooting Coat and our Cambridge Coat.

Please note the warranty covers all garments unless discounted where the fault is clear and forms part or all of the discount applied.

Fortis® Repairs

Here at Fortis®, we don’t believe in fast fashion; we believe in longevity! If you find that your kit needs a bit of TLC then just get in touch with the team! Whether it is patching up tears in your favourite jacket, or changing the old waterproof lining! Prices vary from £10 – £100 depending on the work that needs to be carried out. The team will take a look at your garment and send you a quote before carrying out any recommended work. Some quotes can be given over the phone.

If you wish to return any of your goods to us, you MUST use the Fortis® Returns Form. Please complete the form and submit it before sending the products back to us.

Occasionally we may decide that the work involved is often too much and the item has reached the end of its life, we are always happy to provide a discount on a brand new jacket ready to kit you out for new adventures and recycle or return your old one.

For anything else, please don’t hesitate to email or ring 01297 442180 if you would like to talk to a member of the team.

Caring for your boots


Like with any leather product, a bit of TLC is needed from time to time to maintain your boots performance and durability. Leather is full of natural moisture in the form of fats and oils, and it is essential to ensure this moisture is retained and replaced to get the very longest life out of your Fortis® boots.

Aftercare frequency really comes down to use. However we would say you should do the full cleaning process after every two weeks of regular use. Daily wear, we would recommend once a week.

However regularly you wear your boots, we would recommend investing in a leather boot care kit. This will help keep your boots in top condition.

LEATHER BOOT Cleaning and Care

We recommend using a liquid leather/boot cleaner, renovating cream, and leather treatment or balm. The products we have found to work best are:


Leather Genie

Nikwax Boot Cleaner

Step 1

Undo and remove any laces. Hose down your boots to loosen dirt and brush off any remaining dirt.

Step 2

Spray boot cleaner all over the boots and on brush. Vigorously scrub the surface with a polishing brush to create and rich foam and remove dirt. Ensure to pay particular attention to the eyelets, tongue/gusset and stitching.

Step 3

Rinse off remaining boot cleaner and dirt from boots and brushes and allow to fully dry at room temperature overnight.

Step 4 (optional)

If there are any scuffs in the leather you wish to cover up, take the applicator brush and work a leather Renovating Cream into the leather in a circular motion until the scuff becomes the same colour as the leather.

Step 5

Use a polishing brush to work in a generous amount of wax or treatment into the leather all over the boot, paying particular attention to high stress areas, tongue and the tongue gusset. Once covered, work the remaining wax left sitting on the leather in with a Buffing Cloth to bring your boots to a shine.

Step 6 

Leave your boots for 6-8 hours to allow the wax to sink into the leather to leave it hydrated a supple.

Step 7 

For added water repellency on the outer layer, use a spray on water repellent and leave to air-dry overnight.

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Please note

PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 10 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY on our made to order clothing.