The Joy of Christmas

I love Christmas, i love it because of everything it brings with it (including the weather). The company have a huge amount of business done, we round up our year and we eat mince pies doing it. The only sad thing i have found this Christmas this year is the lack of shooting i have be able to do. As we move into the 2 week closing down period the Christmas orders are flying in, even know people are aware that they may not get them for Christmas.

I know and you guys know that our turn around time can be too long for most but i am working very hard on increasing my workforce here. We are taking on new people in the new year to speed up production and get things ready for the British Shooting show. People ask why would it take that long or this long or however long to get my kit? Well we are a team of 12, the staff skill isn’t easy to find. We have very special requirements/skills needed for the kit being made here, we also have contracts to up hold with police and military clients that disrupt our stock and ordering flow. Like i mentioned i am increasing our staff but for that i need more space and to do that i need to build. All of these things in our business have a domino effect, though challenges are the spice of life it can slow down our products meeting the end user.

Throughout this year i have tried improving all manors of the company like patterns, cutting times, sewing times and product updates. This has all proved to be worth the time spent and game fairs have proved this. I would like to know more about what you as customers feel about our kit. So if you are reading this please do feedback through email or facebook it is always helpful. My personal email is [email protected]

In other news a lot of you know that i also run a company called InTweed, we make bespoke suits for men and woman in Tweeds. I am re-branding and designing the company at the moment and hopefully launching the new site in February. I feel this has a huge future and something i am very passionate about. I am up for any ideas that people may have that they would like to see on the site and within the Tweed company. Have a look on www.Intweed.co.uk 

Any thoughts on this weeks update and blog i would love to hear from you.


Oliver Massy-Birch

Fortis® Director

[email protected]

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