FORTIS® Men’s Huntsman Vest


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Introducing the Huntsman Vest: a meticulously tailored, timeless shooting vest thoughtfully designed for both form and function. Crafted with a Ripstop Outer, this vest stands as a paragon of windproof resilience and water resistance, while maintaining an undeniably elegant aesthetic.

This sophisticated vest is a must-have for enthusiasts of shooting and dog training. Its innovative pockets have been engineered to exceed your expectations, offering the essential fittings you require while accommodating a capacious design that lends itself to the seamless carriage of a multitude of items. The Huntsman Vest seamlessly merges style and utility, making it an indispensable asset for those who demand both precision and style in their attire.


The Huntsman Vest is true to size. If you will use this

garment in the Winter we would suggest going up a size

to allow for layers underneath.

XS 36 – 38
S 38 – 40
M 40 – 42
L 42 – 44
XL 44 – 46
XXL 46 – 48
XXXL 48 – 50
  • Made to Order
  • Mesh for Ventilation
  • Large Pockets and back Bag for plenty of storage
  • Back Bag can be accessed for each side
  • Drainage Eyelets in Pockets
  • Fleece Lined Hand Warming Pockets
  • Two inside Zipper Pockets
  • Two hidden Pockets
  • 1 Year Warranty

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