Fortis® Waterproof stalking trousers!

They are here! After releasing the legacy stalking trousers in November we have been bombarded with requests to make them waterproof! Well here is the answer to your questions and requests.

We feel that these trousers are as good as it gets on the hunting market today.

Why can we say that? Well we have listened, we have noted and we have designed everything requested. We feel we have made a superior, practical hunting trouser to anything else found on the market at the moment. We would happily stand behind our product and preach it.

Here are the features…


  • Waterpoof
  • Reliable
  • Windproof
  • Breathable
  • Tough
  • Full reinforced Seat enables one to sit on water and wet surfaces without getting wet.
  • Full reinforced Knees enables one to kneel in water and wet surfaces without getting wet
  • High rigid back
  • Belt loops all the way around
  • option to have brace buttons
  • Velcro Opening
  • Velcro adjustments for tightening.
  • Fitted legs
  • D-rings in both hand pockets
  • Velcro knee fasteners
  • Velcro ankle fasteners
  • Poppered and pleated Cargo pockets
  • Concealed knife pocket built into the right cargo pocket
  • Concealed and zipped ammo pocket built into the left cargo pocket
  • 6 pockets
  • Fully adjustable, goes up a size and down a size in the waist.




The Legacy stalking trousers are designed off everything we have seen and studied on the stalking market today.

The New waterproof stalking trousers are the best practical hunting trousers on the global market for waterproof, tough, practical and reliable use. Fortis® have dedicated years in the making of these trousers and collecting feedback from all all over the world about what the trouser needed.

We have listened and we have tested a lot of different ideas and after a number of years we have come up with the Legacy Stalkers. The Stalkers have a high back, concealed knife pocket, hidden zipped ammunition pocket and open hand pockets both front and back.

The trousers have reinforcements to the knees and bum, they also come with Velcro fasteners behind the knees and bottom of the legs.

We have two versions of these trousers, the waterproof and the water resistant trousers.

Now we know that the deer stalking world will go mad for these! Why will they go mad? Why are we so confident? Well you asked for them, we are giving you what you have been searching for and in two different options for all weather stalks.

The design is so carefully put together, they are everything a stalker may need come rain or shine. We have created the water resistant trousers for the better weather stalking and the waterproof trousers for those miserable cold and wet days.

If you want to get your trousers ordered they are available online and you can email if there are any special requests, the trousers will take 4-6 weeks to make to measure for the individual. We never launch products at this time of year but because we are going to get more and more busy we feel this is the best time to launch to make the orders.





I really hope you enjoy what we are trying to do, we think we have found something that is needed and we are very proud to launch this product.

We owe our thanks to everyone that helped give their feedback, suggestions, thoughts and the 16 stalkers we had help us in the final designing and making of the Legacy Stalking Trousers.

Kind regards

Oliver Massy-Birch

Fortis® Director

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