Fortis Blog Introduction…..

This is the first of a fortnightly blog that we will be doing at Fortis to give a insight, news and views of the company. We hope you enjoy it and please do email us if you want further information on anything mentioned in the blog.

This is a brief highlight on what is currently going on here at the factory in Devon. We will go into more detail in the coming weeks…..

As many of you will know this year has been a cruel one. We have been challenged in every way possible this year and as a team we have had to demonstrate immense character to carry through. Through this character, Fortis has not only survived and pushed through, we have thrived and risen to a challenge no company, friend or family should endure with such pressure of time.

The loss of my father was a turn in the tide for this small family run company, my father attended thousands of country shows up and down the UK and Europe he went as far as Russia! As a young lad i have certainly has my fair share of these country shows and i have loved them, but this is a new era of Fortis. We want to continue to do them but not as many as we were doing when Dad was around, we must now concentrate more on what we are really good at, that is manufacturing. We will be picking the shows that we feel get the best demographic for our company to sell to. We have not only changed our trading name but we have increased our British manufacturing capacity here in Devon. We want to strive to be the best and make it all here.

We are making our clothing with customers having to wait between 4-5 weeks on average, this is also changing we are getting faster but quality can not be rushed and we take a lot of time and care on our products.

We are for the first time in the companies history opening up to trade, we will sell our gear to companies we feel will do our brand justice and represent us best. This will also bring the product closer to the customer, where you can try on the gear  and purchase it there and then, rather than wait for us to manufacture it. We have a shop and we do have stock and we will endeavour to increase the size of the stock range in due course.

We have made this new website to demonstrate that we are progressing and we are pushing our brand to become what it always has been, a market leader. We would love your feedback and reviews on the website, so please leave your comments on the site or send us emails, even better send us pictures of you using the kit.

As a customer we want you to understand that we will always be at the end of the telephone here in Devon to give you any advise you would like on our clothing and any technical advice on the technology we use.

I am proud to write the first blog for the company, it is brief but in the coming weeks the blogs will become more detailed and there will be different stories and interesting insights to the world of Manufacturing, retail, the company and our family.

Best wishes


Oliver Massy-Birch

Fortis Director


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PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 10 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY on our made to order clothing.