Fortis® at the British Shooting show

Cracking start of the year! I love the British shooting show and the customers old and new that come to see us every year. I always feel like the year is off to a quiet start with January and its all leading up to the British shooting show to kick it all off. But this year with our new website and new items of kit we have been non-stop, which of course is brilliant.

I will never complain about being busy because i actually i love it, it provides a good challenge and a challenge is just what i need, one of my favourites is;

“Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits”

My idea of Fortis becoming a household name in the outdoor community is getting more realistic by every customer i speak to, the common thing i hear is “Oh i have seen your kit, everyone recommends it” or “Oh i have had your kit, whats new i can buy?” things every company owner wants to hear. This year proved to me we are doing well at providing good kit and dong as we say for our customers.

Yes, of course we will make mistakes and we won’t please everyone but we will bloody try to correct any issues and help with anything people request. We are growing because we are learning from our mistakes and the improvements are evident.

So lets hope we continue the way we have started, i hope all traders have had the same experience to the start of 2017 as Fortis has.

All the best

Oliver Massy-Birch

Fortis® Clothing Director

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