As outdoor enthusiasts, here at Fortis® we will only use the most cutting edge and innovative fabric technologies designed with the customer in mind to ensure our garments are made to withstand whatever environmental conditions you may face in your adventures.

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Whilst our Ripstop is designed to withstand water in extreme conditions where saturated the water may get through, this is where our drop-liner comes in. It is a fully waterproof fabric with a laminate finish meaning that water will run off whilst still being an extremely breathable material.


Ripstop fabrics are used in high quality camping equipment such as lightweight tents, sleeping bags, and camping hammocks in order to reduce the wear on their fabrics which are in direct contact with the ground and elements. Ripstop is incorporated into our garments to provide more extreme durability through its breathable and heavy wearing cotton fabric with a water repellent finish. It is light weight made with interwoven polyester thread in a crosshatch pattern to ensure immense durability. It is woven with coarse, strong warp and filling yarns at intervals so that tears will not spread should they happen.

Our Ripstop layer is also available in an elite version which is a cotton feel, slightly lighter and offers better breathability.


If you are looking for kit that is going to go the full length, then this optional extra is for you. Made from CORDURA® this can be added to the exterior of your garment to add strength to areas such as knees and elbows to strengthen and protect against water and abrasion. Built for rugged, durable performance Woodsman offers superior abrasion, tear and scuff-resistance. Tough enough for all of your adventures it delivers durability, it is a nylon fabric with a cotton feel woven tighter to stop water getting through such areas when pressure is applied. Woodsman is available in light and heavy weight options.

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