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Fortis was firstly named, Country Covers and was the product of farm diversification where individual personalised tyre covers were produced by founder Hugh Massy-Birch. This led onto the production of tough, waterproof Car Seat Covers which were then sold alongside tyre covers at Country Shows across the South West of England.

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With extensive knowledge in the area, Hugh proceeded to set up his own manufacturing premises on the family farm, where he converted an old lamb barn into a workshop and a showroom where Fortis is still situated today. Unique coats, jackets, smocks and trousers are produced on site and Country Covers became a unique new company on the market, using military grade fabrics and waterproofing which were embraced by the civilian world.

Fortis Clothing Company Director - Oliver Massy-Birch


In 2016 Hugh’s son Oliver Massy-Birch became company director leading Fortis into its second generation of family ownership. During this time, Country Covers changed its name to Fortis, initiated by Oliver, to reflect its purpose and sustainability for the future. Since 2016, the rebranding of Country Covers to Fortis, has led the Company to export globally to countries such as Japan, Germany and Sweden, just to name a few.



In January 2020, Fortis launched its first collection which involved exceptional craftsmanship combined with modern and functional innovations in fabric and design. Oliver’s commitment is for Fortis to continue to grow its customer base and produce the most reliable, durable and sustainable clothing for years to come.

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